Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant

A personal funeral ceremony

The life of your loved one is over. Maybe the end was sudden and unexpected. Or perhaps it followed a long period of anxiety.

And now there’s so much to do, including planning a funeral. What kind of ceremony is appropriate? Why? What do we want to say and do? Who should we invite to play a role?

I can help you to make these kinds of decisions. Every life deserves to be honoured and celebrated. Together, we can look for words, music, items, symbols and actions that express who your loved one was. No two people are the same. You can reflect the uniqueness of your loved one in how you choose to say goodbye. The funeral of a quiet thinker will probably be very different from that of a party lover.

I will continue to support you throughout the preparation period. And on the day itself, I will lead the ceremony and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

A ‘good’ funeral will help you to reflect on what your loved one’s life meant to you and how you want to incorporate their memory into your future.