Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant


My role as a funeral celebrant is complementary to that of the funeral director. We work closely together. The funeral director takes care of all the practical preparations and carries overall responsibility. My task is to provide families with professional support and guidance in preparing the actual funeral ceremony.

During a meeting, usually at your home, I listen carefully while you tell me all about your loved one and the various facets of his or her life. Often, as you talk, a certain personal quality or life motto will emerge that can serve as a common thread running through the different elements of the ceremony. I help you to find words, images, music, symbols and other means of expressing who this unique person was and what they meant to you. I also ask you what role you would like to play during the ceremony and what you would like me to do.

Some of the key tasks linked to my role:

  • preparatory meeting
  • phone/email consultation with the family in the days leading up to the funeral
  • writing texts (e.g. word of welcome, eulogy, reflection, closing words)
  • coaching speakers
  • helping to find music (live or mp3)
  • preparing PowerPoint presentations
  • drawing up a minute-by-minute guide for the ceremony itself
  • contact with funeral director and location (crematorium, church or elsewhere)
  • leading the ceremony