Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant


Wat anderen zeggen

Dear Sarah,

We really appreciated working together with you. You gave your full attention to our wishes and doubts, but also to our emotions. You thought along with us and showed that you cared whilst at the same time preserving a professional distance. And you shared your own vulnerability with us - the personal touch. During your meetings with us, you formed a good impression of who we are so that you could make the service even more personal. With enormous empathy, you showed us that you truly understood and respected our wishes. You led the ceremony itself in such a way that each speaker felt genuinely seen and heard. WIth your help, we were able to give our mother the farewell that she deserved. And your care helped us to start processing our loss. You are a lovely, sensitive woman. Thank you again.

Rosie and all the other children, May 2024


We had already decided more or less what we wanted before Sarah arrived, but she advised us well and added the finishing touches.

She made sure that everything went perfectly at the crematorium.

René, April 2024



Right from the first time Sarah contacted us, everything felt right. The communication was clear. Sarah listened carefully to make sure she understood our wishes and explained things clearly. Together, we put together a beautiful farewell, full of both laughter and tears. Thanks so much again for your support, Sarah!

Linda, Maaike and Mandy, April 2024


My experience with funeral celebrant Sarah Bogaers was fantastic. The attention, the time, the sense of calm that she gave us was heartwarming. She wove the different elements of the service together to create a beautiful whole. And she was always available during the preparation period if I wanted to contact her. I have nothing but praise for how she works.

Annie, March 2024


We really appreciated the way Sarah helped us to prepare the funeral service. She understood exactly what we wanted and led the service very sensitively, in a calm and loving way. Sarah, thank you!

Marco and family, March 2024


We felt very positive about the service - and about our preparatory meetings. You understood perfectly the position we were in and what was important to us.

You genuinely wanted to get to know auntie. You found the right words to express what we shared with you and worked it all into a cohesive whole. And you added a few moments of light relief, which we appreciated.

Other family members complimented us on the service afterwards. It rang true for a lot of the people who attended. We didn't want it to be all about us - and it wasn't. And yet it was very personal.

Thank you for your attentiveness and thoroughness. But also for the love we felt from you during our meetings and the service.

You're a beautiful person. Thank you again.

Angela and family, February 2024


Hi dear Sarah, what a terrible week, blacker than black.

But Sarah, listen, your presence, your warmth and your genuine empathy for our grief touched me deeply. Very deeply. In our intense, raw mourning, you were a warm pillar of strength that we could cling to. You knew what to do and pointed us in the right direction.

From the moment we met, it felt as if you were part of our family. Your leading role in planning an impossible funeral for my beloved son Richard left an indelible impression on us all.

You exude incredible warmth. I'm so grateful that you were there to lead RIchard's funeral with such dignity. The fact that we were able to give each other a hug afterwards says more than a thousand words. I will carry this with me for the rest of my life.

Jaap, January 2024


Sarah is a pleasant, calm lady who found exactly the right words to express our thoughts and feelings. Together we created a truly beautiful service. A moving experience, with a combination of tears and smiles. We appreciated her friendly, efficient communication. Thank you Sarah!

Judith, January 2024


Sadly, our mother died unexpectedly and far too young. We wanted to organise a funeral service ourselves that would reflect who mama was and would be in accordance with her wishes. As soon as Sarah walked into our home, we knew for sure that with her help, we would be able to create the service we wanted. With her listening ear, open expression, helpful dialogue and expertise, we prepared a beautiful farewell, which Sarah led for us on the day itself. We're so grateful that Sarah was there for us in the most difficult period of our lives and that she helped us to give mama the farewell she deserved and that we can look back on such a warm occasion, filled with love and connection. Dear Sarah, a thousand thanks for being there. 

Leonie, January 2024


Sarah listened very closely and created a short but powerful story out of all we'd told her. That was exactly what we, as a family, had asked her to do. A very positive experience. Everything was just as we wanted it to be and every detail was taken care of. 

Angela, December 2023


Our encounter with Sarah left a deep impression. We met as complete strangers, but she never gave us the feeling that we were dealing with an outsider. Her engagement and empathy were heartwarming. We knew from the start that we were in good hands.

Within the space of just a few days, Sarah shaped our feelings into a beautiful and dignified farewell. The high point was her personal contribution on the piano. Her interpretation of Schildler's List was poignant, heart-wrenching.

Our thoughts of our loved one will always be associated with Sarah's highly valued contribution.

Jan, December 2023


I had left myself plenty of time for my journey from Amsterdam and arrived in the waiting room at the DELA funeral location early. I heard someone say "You must be Manja!" Surprised, I looked up and you said, "I'm Sarah. I'll be leading the farewell service for Jan V.".” .. I felt safe and welcome straight away.

You led the service in a very pleasant and calm manner. And you even played the piano! It was the beautiful farewell that Jan deserved.

When it was time to leave, you asked whether I had a ride to the station. So considerate of you to think of that in the middle of everything else!

Manja, December 2023


You were generous with your time during the preparations and were always available to answer any questions we had.
During the service itself, you led really well and took the small children into consideration. I take my hat off to you!

Andrea, December 2023


Sarah supported us in saying farewell to mama and organising the ceremony. She did so with a listening ear and great compassion. In this emotional period, she showed warmth, took the weight off our shoulders and made sure everything was well planned. We received regular updates and suggestions from her. Throughout the whole process, she welcomed our own input and gave us valuable advice. We really appreciated Sarah's partnership - both her empathetic support and the fact that she stayed after the ceremony to make sure that all our wishes were carried out. Thanks so much, Sarah, for your dedication and support.

Eric, November 2023


Thank you so much for your heartfelt commitment and your serene, reassuring approach. We also appreciated how you led the service, telling our Mum's story calmly and responding sensitively to whatever was happening. We were left with a very good feeling.

Miranda, August 2023


We were very happy with your guidance and support, both before and during the funeral. The way you interacted with us was spot on and you found just the right words to describe my father's life.

Maarten, July 2023


I look back on the funeral service with great satisfaction. And that has everything to do with the role you played. I can't speak highly enough of what you did. During the preparation phase, you were patient and emotionally engaged and during the service you put my mother's story into words so well and gave expression to our feelings as her loved ones. You drew close to us whilst at the same time keeping a respectful distance. In word and deed. Everything was in balance. You hit exactly the right chord.

Martijn, June 2023


Hi Sarah,

On behalf of all of us, I wanted to thank you once again for the stylish and sensitive way in which you led Jos's funeral service.

Walter, May 2023


We really appreciated Sarah's support. She's a very good listener and she sensed exactly what was important to us. She gave us plenty of space to make the service the way we wanted it to be, supporting us both practically and emotionally. The end result was a beautiful, personal farewell service.

Nel and Ineke, April 2023


We can look back on a funeral service that was exactly as mamma would have wanted it to be. Sarah supported us from start to finish, in the preparations and during the actual service. 

In a period like this, it is invaluable to have the support of someone like Sarah who knows what she is doing and lifts the weight from the family's shoulders. I would recommend Sarah without hesitation.

Stephan, April 2023