Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant


Each funeral celebrant has their own approach, depending on their unique mix of qualities, convictions and expertise. It’s important to find the right celebrant for you. That’s why I’d like to explain a little about my particular approach here. 


My goal when helping people to prepare a funeral ceremony is to build bridges. Bridges between yesterday and tomorrow. Bridges between people who experience and express their grief differently. Bridges between what is temporal and what is lasting. Between the impossible and the possible.

My core values

Sincerity: no mixed messages, no gimmicks

Reflection: providing a safe space to explore meaning

Respect: for the person who has died and for the family

Special focus areas

Families with the following wishes can depend on my expert support: 

Presenting English-language texts and including English-speaking guests

English is my native language. As well as being a funeral celebrant, I am also a translator. I know how important the language of your heart is, especially in times of high emotion.

Helping a family member with dementia to say their own farewell

A person with dementia has the same right as everyone else to say their goodbyes. Each case is different. Giving due consideration to what is not possible or helpful, we’ll find a way. 

Adding religious elements to a funeral ceremony in cases where church is a sensitive topic

We’ll explore ways in which to respectfully represent the convictions and wishes of all parties involved.