Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant

Special focus areas

All families who request my help in preparing their loved one’s funeral can depend on my full professional support.

There are three ‘categories’ of families who may benefit from a little extra personal expertise:

Families for whom church or religion is a sensitive topic

It’s quite common for families not to share the same views about the church, God, religion or spirituality. Perhaps the person who has died was a person of faith but you want nothing to do with religion. Or vice versa, of course. Or perhaps the person who has died had given up on church but faith did play a role in their life. Such situations can be quite tricky when it comes to planning a funeral. With a bit of goodwill on all sides, I can help you to ensure that the wishes and convictions of all those involved are heard and respected.

A family member with dementia

Like anyone else, a person with dementia may be faced with the loss of a loved one. Should you tell them that their partner/brother/friend has died? If so, how and when? Will they remember? Can you take them to the funeral?

There are no standard answers. Each situation is different, depending on the form of dementia and how far the illness has progressed.

It is my conviction that a person with dementia has the same right as anyone else to say goodbye to a loved one. The only question is: how?

Of course we need to take into account what won’t work for this person. But however, limited the options may be, we will find a way, based on what is possible.

Family members or guests who do not speak Dutch

As well as being a funeral celebrant, I am also a sworn translator. My native language is English. I know how important it is to be able to speak the language of your heart and to hear it spoken, especially in the moments that matter most.

We can plan, prepare and conduct the whole funeral ceremony in English. Or perhaps you want a bilingual ceremony. Maybe you need help communicating in Dutch with certain individuals or organizations. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can help.