Sarah Bogaers, bilingual funeral celebrant


Funeral ceremony

Service Price
complete ceremony (addresses of family and funeral both within 20 km of 5625 LR)

complete ceremony (address of family and/or funeral more than 20 km from 5625 LR)

€ 580

€ 600

This price covers all the key tasks highlighted below.

  • preparatory meeting
  • phone/email consultation with the family in the days leading up to the funeral
  • writing texts (e.g. word of welcome, eulogy, reflection, closing words)
  • coaching speakers
  • helping to find music (live or mp3)
  • preparing PowerPoint presentations
  • drawing up a minute-by-minute guide for the ceremony itself
  • contact with funeral director and location (crematorium, church or elsewhere)
  • leading the ceremony

Other services

Instead of having me guide you through the entire ceremony, you may prefer to use my services just for a particular element of the ceremony. Or you may want my help planning a different sort of ritual. Below are some examples:

Service Price
writing a eulogy € 300
a separate farewell ceremony for a family member with dementia € 180
help thinking through your funeral wishes ahead of time € 180
rituals to mark other significant loss-related milestones* customised price

*Examples are placing the memorial stone, scattering the ashes or marking your loved one’s birthday. A ritual can also help you to process other types of loss, such as redundancy or the end of a long-term relationship. You can always contact me to discuss options. 

Funeral insurance

If your loved one had funeral insurance, you can probably use part of the pay-out to cover my fee. You can ask the funeral director and the funeral insurance provider for more information.